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About Us

We started Tee Timez because we saw a need to make revolutionary golf technology available to the everyday player. It’s proven that using these simulation systems can help golfers understand their game better, and that leads to lower scores. By being able to see the actual data - see exactly what is happening throughout your swing - you can make the necessary adjustments needed to improve your game.  

Together with the benefits of game improvement, we wanted to provide simulation technology that could bring us as close to playing outside as we could possibly get. We played on some of the biggest names in the simulator industry, but when we found Golfzon, we knew this was the experience we wanted to bring to our customers.  Take a minute to watch the Golfzon video to see why they are the undisputed leader in immersive Golf Simulation.

On top of finding the right simulator, we also wanted to bring the right “studio” experience to our customers. We wanted people to feel like it was their personal space and their private time from the moment they walk in the door. For this reason, we have chosen to operate on a membership model.  We limit memberships at our location to provide our members regular and consistent access to their facility.  We expect memberships to sell quickly, so if you are interested, send us a message and book a free hour tour and demo. Experience the comfort and exclusivity of your private golf studio and the power of Golfzon yourself!

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