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Greenfield & McDowell

2716 North Ogden Road Suite 103 Mesa, AZ 85215

Indoor Golf Simulators, AZ

With blistering Arizona summers making playing golf outside seem very unappealing, Tee Timez has the solution. Come visit us at our indoor, climate-controlled virtual golf studio and see what our Golfzon simulators can do for your game.


Currently based in the Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Mesa, AZ area, the Tee Timez near you is for the casual player through to the dedicated golfer. Our location boasts state of the art Golfzon golf simulators that not only give you as much feedback on your game as you could want, they also allow you to play golf on courses around the world. 


If you're not sure whether virtual golf simulators are as good as getting out on a physical fairway, we simply ask you to give it a try. Our private rooms are available to members 24/7 and with some membership plans there is no limit to the amount of hours you can practice per month. Now there’s no need to wait for your tee time or hope the weather is favorable. Come to a Tee Timez indoor golf studio and practice whenever you like!

Residents and golf lovers in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert and Scottsdale now have a secret weapon to improve their golf game - the virtual golf simulators at Tee Timez. Contact us today to book your free introductory tour and choose a membership package that’s right for you.

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