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How The Golfzon Simulator Can Improve Your

Are you looking to improve your golfing technique? Do you want to practice your game without worrying about weather, traffic, or crowds? Are you interested in getting specific data that will help you fine tune your skills?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Golfzon simulator could be exactly what you need. It offers realistic golf practice on virtual versions of some of the world’s most renowned courses. 

And Golfzon is more than just a simulator. It also provides detailed data on everything from ball speed to spin rate so that you can learn exactly how to improve your technique. At Tee Timez, we offer Golfzon to members because we’re confident that it’s the best way to enhance your game – period.

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Golfzon Features

Many professionals use indoor simulators to hone their skills. With over 250 patents, Golfzon is the world’s premiere indoor golf simulator. It mimics outdoor practice while providing instant feedback on each swing. 


This industry-leading technology can help you bring your game up to the level of the pros in a way that an outdoor course can’t. Below are some of Golfzon’s most popular features.

Tilting Swing Plate

The Golfzon swing plate is powered by hydraulics and able to emulate any slope. It has a 360 degree range of motion so that you can practice uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies. 


In addition to its tilting capabilities, the swing plate is equipped with three different surfaces. These emulate the feel of bunker, rough, and fairway textures and prepare you for any scenario on the course.

Club Path and Face Angle Stats

Each time you swing, Golfzon collects data on everything from club path to ball flight. Using high-speed camera technology, it records distance, carry, launch angle, face angle, head speed, and more. 


This allows you to focus on technical aspects of your swing. Detailed data reveals what simple practice can’t and helps you understand how to adjust your posture, position, and approach for better results on the green.

Practice Makes Perfect

With Golfzon, you can practice the same hole as many times as you need to. Its auto-retrieval system ensures that you always have a golf ball ready, with no time wasted chasing it down. 


This is just one of the ways that this simulation software rivals the experience of golfing on a course. Golfzon allows for the kind of repetitive practice that’s hard to come by on a golf course, and it makes it possible to practice that one challenging hole until you’ve mastered it.

Try the Golfzon Simulator Today

If you want to see how the Golfzon simulator can improve your game, book a free Tee Timez tour today. We’ll give you an opportunity to try Golfzon and discover for yourself what makes it popular with casual players and professionals alike.


To learn more about the perks of a Tee Timez membership, contact us today. We are dedicated to helping golfers in Phoenix, Mesa, and Gilbert improve their game with state-of-the-art technology.

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