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  • How do I become a member?
    If you decide you want to become a member before or after your free tour and demo its easy. Just sign up here on the site and we will contact you to set up a time to meet you at the facility and teach you how everything works so you’ll be ready to start booking Tee Timez as soon as possible.
  • How busy is the facility?
    We limit our memberships to around 40 people at our location to ensure that our Members can take full advantage of our facility. When you have booked a session the space is yours an no one else will be there unless you bring someone with you.
  • Can I bring my friends or family?
    You can absolutely bring your friends or family. Our view is once you're signed up and booking Tee Timez the space is yours for the time you have booked, so you can bring as many or as few people as you want!
  • How long is a session?
    A Tee Time session is 50 minutes. The last ten minutes is for you to collect all your things so that the next person can come in and enjoy the facility the same way you do. We allow members to hold 3 50 minute sessions at any one time. You can book those all in one stretch or you can spread them out. Once you’ve used one of your sessions you are welcome to go right in and book another one. If you accidentally book more than 3 sessions the one that’s furthest away will automatically be canceled.
  • If I need to cancel my membership, What do I need to do?"
    Canceling your membership for whatever reason is as simple as contacting us directly and letting us know. We operate billing on a month to month from your start date so your membership will continue until the end of your billing cycle at which point, we will cancel your membership to make sure you are not billed again. We do require a minimum of two days notice before the start of your next billing cycle to ensure we can cancel you recurring payment in time.
  • Is using an indoor golf simulator as good as playing golf outside?
    If you want to improve your game, get instant data feedback on your shots and avoid hot, cold or bad weather, an indoor golf simulator is the best way to go. Unlike playing a round on a traditional course, with a professional golf simulator like Golfzon, you can drill down and spend the whole session on any area of your game you choose, from chipping to putting. You can also play a round on one of the world’s best known courses too, the decision is yours. The Golfzon system has won Golf Digest’s “Editor’s Choice” as their best golf simulator for five years in a row so you know you’re using the best technology available.
  • Can I get golf lessons at Tee Timez?
    When you book a session with the Golfzon indoor golf simulator, the space is yours for 50 minutes at a time. If you have a golf tutor, they can work with you in the studio and you will both be able to see the raw data about your game and where you can improve.
  • Do I need to bring my own golf clubs?
    Yes, please bring your clubs to Tee Timez. You do not need any tees, however, as the Golfzon simulator has a built-in autotee function.
  • How does a golf simulator work?
    Tee Timez uses Golfzon’s state of the art professional golf simulators to track the data about your game. The Golfzon system uses high-speed cameras that track the ball’s flight, whether it’s a big drive or a short putt. This is translated into an accurate, simulated visual of the ball’s flight on the screen. It can also display a huge choice of courses for you to play, as well as providing a variety of hitting surfaces to practice on.
  • Do I need to hit the ball differently when using a golf simulator?
    No, just play your shots naturally. That way, you can get the most accurate information about your game. The large screen of the simulator is an impact zone, meaning that the ball is meant to hit it so don’t worry about letting rip with those tee shots!
  • What kind of information does a golf simulator provide about my game?
    The Golfzon indoor golf simulator can give you detailed and accurate feedback on things such as distance, launch angle, ball speed, azimuth, side spin, back spin and more. There’s also a video feedback option so you can see exactly how you played that last shot.
  • Do professional golfers use indoor golf simulators?
    Yes, indoor golf simulators are a great practice tool for many top golfers. Professionals such as Matthew Wolff use the award winning Golfzon system to help them improve their game or to practice any time of day. As it’s been picked as Golf Digest’s best indoor golf simulator for five consecutive years, you can rest assured that the experience and data you’re getting in your membership is only going to improve your game.
  • What kind of golf courses does the indoor golf simulator offer?
    The Golfzon simulator at Tee Timez allows you to play on courses from all over the world, from North America to Asia. Pick a famous name such as St. Andrews or Pebble Beach or try them all one by one. With a Tee Timez membership, you can use your time however you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

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