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Voted Best Simulator by Golf Digest Editors Choice 5 years running
This video explains all of the things that set Golfzon apart from everyone else. Watch it to get a feel for exactly what kind of experience we can offer you with a membership with us.

Golfzon has virtually recreated over 200 courses world wide and is always working to add more. Play St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island, PGA National and more. Play every shot from every lie down to the last inch. 

Golfzon's overhead cameras measure 11 different club and ball data points as well as providing a visual of your swing plane to give you one of the most accurate read outs of your ball flight in the industry. 

Virtual golf game statistics

Why Choose Golfzon for our Indoor Golf Studio?

There are other golf simulators out there, but for us, Golfzon had the technology that brought our vision of indoor golf to life. As well as multi-surface hitting mats to recreate bunkers, the rough and the fairway, Golfzon systems have an auto-tee feature and ball retrieval system, meaning less time wasted and more time playing.

Golfzon Golf Simulator vs. A Traditional Round of Golf

If you’re thinking that nothing can beat hitting the green, you may want to think again. Golf simulators are proven to improve your game in the following ways:

  • The data you get on each shot can totally revolutionize how you play the game.

  • With information on spin rate, ball speed and face angle, you can really hone in on your long irons, chips, or putts.

  • An indoor golf simulator allows you to practice the same shots over and over, building confidence in your overall game.

  • There’s no travel between holes like on a regular golf course so you can pack more practice in per session. A single person can play a full round in under 1 hour.

  • You can play on an indoor golf simulator any time, whatever the weather.

  • Professional golf players frequently use indoor golf simulators to fine tune their skills.

There’s no substitute for the actual experience so book a free tour at our indoor golf studio today to check out the benefits the Golfzon simulator can bring to your game.

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