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St. Andrews Old Course

Indoor golf courses are a great place to hone your technique and improve your golf game. But beyond the technical skills you can perfect with the data and information an indoor system offers, there’s another perk: the opportunity to travel the world.

Have you ever dreamt of exploring the desert of South Africa, hitting a hole-in-one on a Korean island, or spending an afternoon golfing alongside the Eden River in Scotland? Our virtual golf courses simulate the golfing experience at some of the most well-known courses in the world. Travel around North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia while improving your game – all from the comfort of our Arizona studio.

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Enjoy one of the World’s Premiere Golf Courses

Picture this: it’s your tee time at the St. Andrews Old Course. You walk up to the starter hut and the infamous St. Andrews wind carries the smell of the nearby ocean to you. As you tee off, you realize that you are walking in the footsteps of generations of golf greats.


Commonly referred to as the “home of golf,” the Old Course at St. Andrews is the oldest golf course in the world. The first game of golf was played there 600 years ago, and it’s been a highly-regarded (and public!) course ever since. It’s the home of the Open Championship and sees nearly 50,000 rounds of golf every year.


Other highlights of the Old Course include its proximity to the historic Scottish town of St. Andrews, its grandiose clubhouse, and its lush fairways, which are open as a public park every Sunday.

Special Features of the Old Course

It’s hard to overstate the profound impact that the Old Course has had on the world of golf. The Course’s iconic design has influenced countless golf courses around the world. Get familiar with the ins and outs of this historic course and you’ll have a leg up on your competition, no matter where you play.


Golfers at the Old Course can enjoy the iconic Swilcan Bridge, which runs across the 1st and 18th fairways. Before reaching the Bridge, you’ll encounter vast fairways and some of the most infamous bunkers in the golf world. These include Coffin Bunker, Road Hole Bunker, and Hell Bunker (the name says it all). 


You’ll also enjoy a challenge with the 17th hole, which, at 495 yards, includes a blind tee shot over a building.


Many golfers at St. Andrews struggle to contend with the location’s windy conditions. With our Golfzon technology, you’ll experience the effects of this wind as you play virtually.

Golf in Arizona – Anytime

We understand that Arizona can be a challenging place for golf lovers. Whether you’re braving the stifling Mesa heat or navigating Phoenix traffic, there are plenty of obstacles to getting onto the course.


With our indoor golf courses, you’ll never have to worry about heat, crowded fairways, or even traveling from tee to tee. Instead, you can optimize your time and put all your resources into improving your game. It doesn’t hurt that you get to enjoy international scenery while you do it.

Keep Exploring

When it comes to indoor golf courses, there’s more to explore than just exotic golfing destinations. They’re also a great way to improve your technique in an exciting and novel environment. Between our detailed Golfzon data and the over 190 virtual courses offered at Tee Timez, practicing and improving your game has never been so enjoyable.  


If you’re feeling tired of the same old course or unmotivated to put in the hours to improve your game, let us reignite your passion for golf. A virtual trip to the world’s oldest golf course might be exactly what you need.

Try Our Indoor Golf Courses Today

With a Tee Timez membership, you can improve your game on world-class courses like the St. Andrews Old Course without the hassle of travel. Open up a world of top-tier golfing experiences today by contacting us about a Tee Timez membership. Our vast selection of indoor golf courses awaits you!

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