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How to Use a Golf Simulator to Improve Your Game - A Round-up of the Best Golfing Tips

Golf is a sport that requires time, dedication and practice. A membership at Tee Timez can give you the time, space and raw data to maximize your overall game improvement or any aspect you want to work on. Using award-winning technology from Golfzon, our indoor simulators replicate the experience of being on a golf course but allow you to see the numbers behind your shots and if you make any changes, you can see the results immediately.

Let’s take a look at how an indoor golf simulator differs from playing golf outdoors and how to get the best out of your sessions.

Top Tips for Using a Golf Simulator for Game Improvement

  • Use the tools you’re given

There is so much information available from a golf simulator that you might find it a little overwhelming at first. That’s why, when you decide to join Tee Timez, we set up a demo session to teach you how everything works. Use the data and feedback options available from Golfzon to see behind every aspect of that last shot you made and make the next one better! You can review all your data right in front of you on the screen, rather than having to look elsewhere which moves you out of your swing stance. Shot by shot, you’ll soon start seeing improvements.

  • Focus on every shot, not just your drive

Golf is not about who can hit the ball the farthest, it’s about getting around the course in the fewest number of strokes. Playing rounds as many times as you like can really help lower your handicap and beats going to the driving range every time for golf practice.

  • Get a feel for every club in your bag

Go through every club on a flat hole and track the distance ranges for each one. Once you know how far your average hit is, as opposed to your farthest, you’re more likely to make better choices on the course. You can also work out which clubs work best for you as you can use the same hitting conditions every time.

  • Experiment!

If you’re having a solo session, there’s no need to be shy - try something new! If you’ve always wanted to try out a new swing but felt it might jeopardize your score or you were just embarrassed to do it in front of other people, feel free to practice as much as you like until you find what works for you and what benefits your game improvement.

  • Trust the system

If you’re new to indoor golf simulators, you probably think that they can’t possibly recreate the look and feel of a real life golf course. In some ways, that’s the point. Plenty of golfers play shots by feel, without actually understanding what’s going on as they hit the ball. This in turn offers little room for overall improvement. Golfzon has a patented 8-way hydraulic moving swing plate which simulates uneven lies and slopes and offers a multi-material hitting surface so you can set the plate to replicate whatever kind of shots you like - or don’t like!

  • Keep it interesting

Let’s face it, practice can get boring which is why an indoor golf simulator is such a help in keeping things interesting. If you don’t feel like practicing long drives or chipping over and over again, why not play a round at Pebble Beach? If you miss the social side of outdoor golf, at Tee Timez you can bring your friends to enjoy the studio too. Whether you make it competitive or just for fun, it’s up to you.

A membership at Tee Timez indoor golf studio can really make a difference in your golf game. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see how you can put our best golfing tips into action.

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