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How to Increase Your Clubhead Speed

Are you wondering how to increase your clubhead speed? You’re in good company: this is a goal shared by seasoned professionals and new golfers alike. Below are several tips for picking up yardage on your drives and boosting the power of your swing.

A word of caution: slower-than-desired clubhead speeds can be hard to address because there are so many possible contributing factors. As you read about how to increase clubhead speed, think about your game and what areas you struggle with the most. Try to identify the tips that are most relevant to you.

Use a Lighter Shaft

If you’re consistently struggling with clubhead speed, it could be a sign that your club is not quite right for you. Heavy clubs make for slower clubhead speeds, and you have to work harder to get the drive that you want.

When you’re researching how to increase clubhead speed, examining the weight of your shaft should be your first step.

Strengthen and Stretch

A good club is essential when playing golf, but maintaining your body is just as important. Golf is a sport like any other, and you need to develop the right muscles in order to play at your highest potential.

Exercise with a special focus on the arm muscles you use when you swing your club. You should also strengthen your glutes, core, and back. A great swing starts in your glutes, so if you only have time to exercise one body part you should give them some special attention.

Stretch your back muscles and hips to improve your mobility and give your swing a better arc. The more you’re able to open up your swing, the more power and speed you’ll be able to gain.

Adjust Your Technique

Your grip and stance have a big effect on the speed of your clubhead. Make sure that your grip is neither too tight nor too loose and widen your stance to increase your stability. A wide stance gives you more space to achieve a full, powerful rotation on your swing.

Invest In A Specialized Club

Still not seeing the improvement you want? Your club could be holding you back.

Modern clubs are aerodynamic and designed to give you exactly what you want, whether it’s increased speed, a higher loft, or longer drives. If you’re using an outdated club, you could be limiting yourself. If you’re in the market for a new club, look for one that’s designed to improve airflow and increase speed.

Increase Your Clubhead Speed Today

The virtual golf studios at Tee Timez allow you to practice the way you want, whenever you want. Our Golfzon offerings include swing data that will tell you exactly how fast your clubhead speed is. Track your improvement as you practice and see the results of your hard work firsthand!

Still wondering how to increase clubhead speed in our indoor studio? Contact us today to schedule a tour and experience the Tee Timez difference for yourself.

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