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How Accurate Are Golf Simulators?

One of the main features of virtual golf simulators is their ability to collect information on your swing. Because you’ll be using this data to guide your practice, you might be wondering about its reliability.

Golf simulators are highly accurate. They’re designed to help even the most high-level players improve their skills. Understanding a little more about how they work can help you gain confidence in the virtual systems you use to practice.

Keep reading below to learn about the accuracy of golf simulators and how they collect high-quality data on your swing.

How Golf Simulators Collect Data

Golf simulators collect data by tracking the golf ball you hit. With high-speed cameras that are mounted on the floor, ceiling, or both, they track the dimples on the golf ball. This provides an accurate assessment of the direction and velocity of your swing.

They also use sensors to record your swing and trace your shot.

This information allows the simulator software to predict where your ball would land on any given course, which is how virtual golf allows you to virtually play on courses all around the world. Simulators can also mimic different weather conditions to show you how your results might change depending on weather.

Simulator Accuracy

The data points collected by golf simulator systems include ball speed, launch angle, launch direction, spin, carry, and club head speed. Because of the sensors and high-speed cameras used to collect this data, all the feedback you get from a golf simulator is very accurate.

Many golfers are worried about getting accurate feedback on the distance of their shots, especially when it comes to long drives. Simulators like Golfzon track the full trajectory of a shot, whether it’s several hundreds of yards or just a short pitch. No matter how long the shot is, accuracy is routinely above 90%.

Distance, spin rate, and general stats are made more accurate when a simulator collects swing path and club head data. By taking a comprehensive approach to data collection, the system understands all aspects of your swing and can effectively track even very long or very fast shots.

This kind of data collection is only possible in a virtual studio setup, which is why it’s important to find a golf studio near you that offers top-of-the-line technology.

The Golfzon System

At Tee Timez indoor golf studio, we use Golfzon simulators. Golfzon is an industry leader that is used by professional players and casual players alike. It has won multiple prestigious awards from Golf Digest, Golf Inc. Magazine, and other publications for its accurate data and high-quality play.

Try Golfzon For Yourself

Highly accurate golf simulators might sound too good to be true. Seeing is believing, as they say – and at Tee Timez Virtual Golf Studio, you can see a virtual golf simulator in action.

Our state-of-the-art studio gives you access to Golfzon whenever you want it, with no delays and no inclement weather to worry about. Stop by and see what Golfzon can do for your game! Call us today to schedule a tour of our Mesa studio.

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