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How to Get Golf Clubs Fitted

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

When it comes to golf clubs, there is no one-size-fits-all option. The best fitted golf clubs fit your height, your technique, and your experience level. Custom fitted golf clubs can help improve your score and your overall experience on the green.

To learn more about why custom clubs are important and to learn how to get golf clubs fitted, keep reading below!

Golf club and golf ball

Why Custom Fitted Golf Clubs Matter

Custom fitted golf clubs might seem like something to leave to the pros. If you’re a beginner or just a casual player, is it really worth it to invest in a set of clubs fit specifically to you?

The answer is yes. Many casual players are surprised to hear that custom clubs can be even more important for beginner players than they are for professionals. But beginners who are establishing their form and learning what goes into a good swing can greatly benefit from having an appropriate club.

When a club is too long, too heavy, or is otherwise ill suited for a specific scenario, you’re forced to compensate with your body and your form. Creating bad habits at an early stage in your golfing career means that you’ll have to work to unlearn them down the road.

Characteristics of the Best Fitted Golf Clubs

When fitting a golf club, you want to consider the length, lie, shaft, and grip of your club. Length is based on your height and the length of your arms. The best fitted golf clubs will help you maintain good form while you play.

The lie angle of a club describes the angle at which the club head meets the ground. This angle can help your club move through turf or sand and has an effect on the distance you can hit a golf ball.

Golf club shafts are made out of different materials for different stiffnesses. Grips help you hold the shaft correctly, and different designs can give you more comfort or control over your club.

Finding the Club for You

If you’re wondering how to get golf clubs fitted, it’s best to reach out to a professional. A fitting guide at a sports store or specialty golf store will be able to help you. Some stores offer free fittings, but these tend to be more basic.

You can also fit yourself for clubs, although your results might not be as accurate as a professional’s. To measure the ideal length for your clubs, stand as if you were about to swing and then measure the distance from your wrists to the ground. This will show you the ideal length of your clubs.

The best shaft material for you depends on the speed of your swing. To measure this, you will need to consult with a professional or use software that can track the speed of your swing.

To fit yourself for a grip, hold a golf club as if you are about to swing. Now observe the thickness of the club in your hand.

If your fingers wrap all the way around the shaft and touch your palm, your grip is too small. If they just barely make contact with your palm, you have an appropriately-sized grip. If your fingers do not reach your hand at all, your grip is too large.

Get the Perfect Fit Today

Now that you know how to get golf clubs fitted, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the perfect clubs for you. The best fitted golf clubs improve your game and help you build a strong foundation for your golfing career, whether you’re a casual player or have dreams of going pro.

Once you have custom fitted golf clubs, why not try them out at our indoor golfing studio? At Tee Timez, you can see data on all aspects of your swing, which will help you understand exactly how to handle your club. Contact us today to schedule a studio visit!

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