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Five Benefits of Indoor Golf

For people who have never been to a virtual golf studio, the concept of indoor golfing might seem counterintuitive. Virtual golf technology is increasingly sophisticated, but it still doesn’t have the exposure and reputation that traditional outdoor play does.

If you’re curious about what makes indoor golf a worthwhile use of your time, keep reading below. At Tee Timez, we’re passionate about the perks of golfing in an indoor studio. Let us show you why indoor golf is the best way to play!

1. Complete Privacy

When you golf in an indoor studio, there are no crowded fairways, packed parking lots, or busy greens. You don’t have to worry about waiting for other golfers, and you’ll never intrude on someone else’s space. Complete privacy means you can use your time as you want.

New to golf? Our private studio rooms allow you to practice away from prying eyes. You can golf in a more relaxed and private setting while still receiving valuable input on your swing in the form of Golfzon data.

2. Play With Your Friends

Tee Timez members get guest privileges and can bring anyone they want along for a game. That means it’s easy to treat your friends to a session of indoor golf and get quality one-on-one play time. With Golfzon, you can challenge your buddies to a friendly indoor golfing competition on some of the top courses in the world.

3. Drinks and Snacks

When you post up in one of our studios, you can bring food and drink to fuel your session. At Tee Timez, you can enjoy food that you like without worrying about carrying it around the course. The right snacks turn a routine practice session into a fun outing.

4. 24/7 Availability

Our studio is open 24/7. Bad weather and late nights have no impact on the golfing conditions in virtual reality! At Tee Timez, you can play a sunny round on a European golf course any time of day – and it’s all from the comfort of our convenient Mesa location.

We carefully organize our membership plans to make sure that you can enjoy access to our studios when you want it. Our membership is capped to allow all Tee Timez members to enjoy the studio at the times that work best for them.

5. Indoor Golfing Statistics

All of our studios are equipped with Golfzon software, which tracks your swing and uses high-speed cameras to record data on things like carry, launch angle, head speed, and more. Game improvement stats tell you where the ball went and why it went there, and virtual courses let you play a single hole over and over again.

Thanks to these features, you can easily turn your indoor golf practice into real-world progress.

Try Indoor Golf Today!

Still not sure about indoor golfing? At Tee Timez, we believe the best way to appreciate the perks of an indoor golf studio is to experience them yourself. Contact us about scheduling a free demo. We’ll show you exactly what makes Tee Timez a great place to play!

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