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Tee Timez in Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to your personal, virtual golf driving range in the Phoenix, AZ area

Imagine your own private golf course where you can take the time to work on anything from the longest drive to the smallest putt. While residents of the Phoenix area have plenty of outdoor golf courses to choose from, Tee Timez offers the perfect indoor environment with our state-of-the-art Golfzon simulator. Beat the heat, and practice your golf your way, on your schedule.

With cutting edge Golfzon simulator technology tracking each shot, you can not only get replays of your latest shot, you can also get information about every aspect of your game from spin rate to launch angle to ball speed. Residents of Phoenix can get the benefits of one of our exclusive Tee Timez club memberships, giving you 24/7 access to an indoor, virtual golf course.

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Indoor Golf Simulator in Phoenix, AZ

If you thought that playing outdoors was the only way to golf, think again. Tee Timez indoor golf simulator makes it convenient and affordable to play a round whenever you’re ready. Here are just a few of the advantages Phoenix residents can expect from a Tee Timez Private Golf Studio membership:


  • Access our Golfzon powered indoor virtual driving range 24/7. Limited membership numbers mean you can play on your schedule, any time of the day or night. 

  • Choose from over 200 golf courses world wide, like Pebble Beach and St. Andrews to practice your game like the professionals. Each course is realistically rendered with customizable weather conditions to make it feel as though you’re really there.

  • Our memberships allow members to bring their buddies to the facility to use the space for the allotted time so you can play a solo round or turn it into a group outing.

  • Tee Timez is an indoor, climate-controlled environment located in Phoenix. The weather is no longer an obstacle to working on your tee shots. 

  • The Golfzon simulator also provides specialized multisurface mats to perfect your bunker shots or plays from the rough.

Spend Quality Time Improving your Game

Having limitless playing and practice time is now a reality. Our award-winning Golfzon simulators allow you to focus exclusively on what’s important to you. With the patented Hydrualic Swing Plate technology practice uphill lies, downhill lies, and everything in between. Golfzon’s time saving adjustable Auto-Tee system means no more chasing balls and bending over to tee them up. Featuring as much data about all aspects of your game as you could possibly want. 

With 24/7 access provided in a monthly membership, Tee Timez is the ideal solution for those in Phoenix and surrounding areas who want to spend time getting valuable feedback on their golf game. Our simple booking system makes it easy to reserve your next virtual golf session, just don’t forget your clubs!

Golf Club Memberships in the Phoenix, AZ area

With Memberships to fit every budget, you’ll be sure to find the right option for your lifestyle. With the right amount of hours available to spend on your game, our membership rates are hard to beat. 


If you don’t want to commit to a membership just yet, Tee Timez also offers visits in 10-pack bundles to use as and when you like. Come in for a tour and see how our top rated indoor golf simulator can help you perfect that putt, lower your handicap or just let you relax on your own personal golf course. 

Contact us today to book your tour of our Phoenix virtual golf course rooms or to find out more about how our residential golf simulator works.

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