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Pebble Beach Golf Course

Have you ever dreamt of enhancing your golfing abilities while exploring new locations? For golfers experiencing a case of wanderlust, indoor golf courses offer the irresistible: valuable golfing data combined with exotic courses.


Take your golf game to the next level and explore new courses from the comfort of our indoor studio. Whether you have your heart set on Europe, Asia, Africa, or the U.S., Tee Timez is your ticket to your dream golfing destination. What better place to start than one of the U.S.’s top golf courses?

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Play the Top Public Course in the U.S.

Since it was first established in 1919, Pebble Beach Golf Links has had a well-deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Located right on the Pacific Ocean, it plays along the Monterey coastline.


It has hosted six U.S. Opens and is open to professionals and the public alike. Any avid golf fan will recognize its famous greens, whether from the U.S. Open or the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Many golfers who play Pebble Beach say that the case of nerves that sets in when they walk onto the well-known course adds another layer of difficulty to play.

What Pebble Beach Has to Offer

Play at Pebble Beach starts with three run-of-the-mill holes, but it quickly ramps up as you move closer to the coastline. Abundant sand traps and the course’s proximity to the ocean make avoiding hazards a top priority, especially near its famous seaside holes. 


The intricate design of the course makes Pebble Beach play notoriously long. The course features some significant elevation changes, particularly at the sixth, seventh, and eighth holes. Its small greens make precise and conservative shots necessary for success.

Ocean wind and variable weather add an exciting element to golfing at Pebble Beach. Our Golfzon simulator can replicate the experience of playing in any kind of weather.

From Arizona to the Golden Coast

Even if you’re sold on Pebble Beach, you might not be too enthusiastic about paying for a chance to play there. It has some of the highest green fees in the world, with additional cart and caddie fees that add up.


Instead of shelling out for travel and play expenses, let us take you to Pebble Beach from the comfort of our state-of-the-art golf studio. Our indoor golf courses use Golfzon technology to generate data on ball speed, spin rate, and more as you play. We provide golfers with the beauty of the Monterey coast and the challenges of the Pebble Beach Golf Links in a comfortable climate-controlled environment.

Improve Your Game With Virtual Travel

A virtual trip to beautiful Pebble Beach can be a boon to your golf career. By changing up the scenery and trying one of our indoor golf courses, you’re breathing life back into your golf game. If you’re stuck in a rut or uninspired by your local Arizona course, a new setting could help.


Many professional golf players use golf simulators to improve their technique. Our simulators can give you all the benefits that the pros enjoy.

Explore Indoor Golf Courses

At Tee Timez, residents of Phoenix, Mesa, and Gilbert can enjoy a variety of world-class golf courses right in their own backyard. If you’re looking for a way to improve your golfing and bring an exciting new element to the game, indoor golf courses could be right for you.

Contact us today to find out more about our offerings and to explore Pebble Beach and beyond. You can also book a free Tee Timez tour to see for yourself why indoor golfing is so popular with golfing greats.

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