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Looking to Improve Your Golf Game?

Meet TEE Timez.

Providing Golfers With Privacy, Technology, and Space to Golf With Friends is What We Do Best

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

90% of Our Members Report Improvements to Their Game

Why A Golf Simulator?

Let's face it - It takes more than playing regularly to get better at golf. Technology helps accelerate improvements.

That's Where TEE Timez Comes In.

A Golf Simulator helps you identify improvement areas and gives you the data you need to make informed decisions on your game.


At TEE Timez in Mesa, our Golf Simulator powered by Golfzon, brings you cutting edge technology, premium indoor golf experiences and an indoor driving range like never before. 


And....That's Not All....

Our top of the line simulators come packed with benefits including:

  • Enjoy Privacy - Whether you prefer to golf alone or bring friends, your membership gives you the freedom to golf whenever you want with up to three friends. 

  • Escape the Heat - Arizona's heat is brutal. Enjoy being more comfortable in a climate controlled environment. 

  • Video Playback - Watch video playback to gain valuable insights and improve your game.

  • Food - Bring your favorite food or drink with you while you play.

  • Unlimited Play - Your membership gets you access anytime you need it - just schedule ahead.


Golf Simulators are the key to having a great time while improving your game. 
  • Sweat and exhaustion from golfing in the heat

  • Trial and error on making adjustments to your game

  • Share the range will lots of other golfers

Normal Driving Range

  • Cool, clean, temperature controlled environment

  • Instant feedback on shot data for continuous improvements

  • Complete privacy while you play and practice

Golf Simulators

Do you like the sound of this?

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Golf ball on tee in front of golf simulator
Golf simulator set up
Indoor golfing lounge
Indoor golfing lounge

No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

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